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About Trisha N Tinsley

My love for bellydancing started when I was six. My parents took me and my siblings to see a bellydancer at a local Greek restaurant. She was fleshy with long black frizzy hair. She wore green. Her costume clung to her curves as she danced with energy and force. I adored being there listening to the music and watching the dancer exude power and beauty. As much as I loved seeing that woman dance I never thought I would become a belly dancer. Now, I have been studying and performing belly dance for over 10 years still chasing that image of the first bellydancer I ever saw.

After six years of studying different forms of bellydancing I began to crave learning the origins. I started studying traditional dances from around the world concentrating mostly on dances from the Arabic cultures and dances from African diaspora. I travelled to Nepal, Zanzibar, Egypt and India studying dance music and food. When you see me dance you will see many of these cultures sneak in even in the most traditional of performances.

My performances bring a strong earthy energy. My movements are based in heart felt simple movements that are absolutely connected to the music. I take audiences with me wherever I go in a performance and create a sense of community with dance.

I continue to study dance but know that other accesses to culture is food, language and music. I learned this from childhood growing up in Alaska and Michigan. I was surrounded by people from all different ethnicities who generously shared their culture with us. My mother came from a long line of excellent cooks and so we are always getting recipes for traditional food. My father grew up learning how to play the drums and was in a very musical family. We were constantly learning about rhythm and appreciating music ranging from Jazz to traditional Japanese drumming. As an African American I was also given a rich culture that is rich in American and African traditions. From this I developed a craving for learning other cultures and appreciating my own.

I spend my time performing and traveling all over the world. Wherever I go I know that I can always speak the language of a culture by letting my deep love for dance, music and food break barriers and allow me to be truly connected.

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