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Dublin | October 19 | 2012

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We arrived in Dublin early in the morning and made our way via bus to our hotel. Our hotel room wasn’t ready so we went to breakfast. Breakfast was “a traditional Irish breakfast.” It was heavy with grilled tomatoes, fried potatoes, sausages, two kinds of grain puddings and eggs. I didn’t finish mine but JB was in heaven. We walked around for an hour and looked at the neighborhood and I was still amazed that we were here in Ireland finally. In the evening time we had every plan to go to The Brazen Head, the oldest pub in Dublin. The cabdriver was a good time and did not hold back on opinions. Not more than 5 minutes in the cab he asked us why we would ever stay in this neighborhood saying, “in this neighborhood the people eat their young.” It was pretty funny though highly inappropriate. The pub was too busy so we went to Gallagher’s Boxty House.

A Boxty is a traditional potato pancakes with different fillings. The waiter described it as “the best thing for hangover.” I let him know we were not hung-over just yet. I got a lamb and cream sauce boxty and JB got a sausage stew. Everything was delicious. We ordered Irish whiskey and beer and enjoyed a very relaxing evening.

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