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Our Anniversary in Edinburgh | October | 2012

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After returning to Edinburgh from the country we spent a two days walking around, visiting the Edinburgh castle, going to museums, shopping for sweaters, hats and buying some very traditional tartans and tweeds. Our last night in Edinburgh we finally celebrated our wedding anniversary.
The next morning we caught the train to head back to Ireland. The train ride home was just as lovely as when we came. On the train I sat on the train trying to ignore the countryside to read Ulysses. This has proven more challenging than anticipated. I remain steadfast to my promise to JB to read this. I am little hung-over. Off in distance rising through the mist are wind turbines. They look like giants on the countryside rising out of the fog and it satisfies my need for the fantastical. There are miles and miles of green pastures lying below trees that range from yellow copper and dark greens. There are sheep everywhere and rolling hills that go off into the mist. The train is warm and it moves quickly along gently rocking. I think of the highlanders constantly wondering how they stayed warm in kilts. I don’t believe it’s possible. The Gaelic term for the old world kilts are called fillamore. It was 6 yards of woven wool. They were plaids but more natural colors to camouflage with countryside. The men wore part of it as kilt then swung the rest over their shoulders. They slept in it as well if they were out on the countryside. But they must have been cold. We were up there and it was incredibly cold. Almost intolerable. How did they do it? Seriously. Does everyone have better circulation than me? But this will remain a mystery until I come back and explore this a little further. The Scottish, hands down, have the best accent of the ethnicities that speak English. There is very little waste of time when it comes to telling a story or having a humorous remark or saying “cheers.” they will have the opportunity as a nation to become completely independent in 2014. I can’t stop listening to PJ Harvey’s “We Float” and it seems to fit the mood. We get back to Ireland late tonight and then back to America the next day. We are sad to leave and have ranked this one of our most favorite places to visit.

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