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Queen of Tarts | October | 2012

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This morning we decided to go to Queen of Tarts. It’s an breakfast bakery that is owned by two Americans and has traditional English and Irish breakfast baked goods. On our way we walked down the famous Grafton Street that’s in the middle of Dublin. It took us a while to find a place but once we did the food was delicious. On the way we got lost and so had a chance to talk to some local store owners and of course they had a lot of jokes and opinions. We walked all the way to the north side of Dublin across the river to get to the Irish Writer’s museum. There we saw an amazing old books and letters written by famous Irish author like William Butler Yeats and James Joyce. I learned more than I thought I would. JB of course knew all of the writers and was able to be my personal guide. Afterwards we walked back down towards the river Liffey which separates Dublin stopping by a pub for a pint and seafood stew. The sun was shining and it was chilly but we decided that we would continue walk around despite being slightly drunk. We stumbled on some backstreet markets that sold used goods and local products. We bought books, handmade goods and music. Later that night we did go back out to a pub on Grafton Street and had some meat pies and Guinness. When we got back to the hotel I remembered in the magazine I got from the plane there was a beautiful picture of these cliffs in Ireland. I showed the hotel receptionist and said, “What is this and how do we get there?” He said that they are the Cliffs of Moher and he looked into getting on a small bus tour. So we booked it and fell asleep happy.

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