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My goodness we had to get up so early that morning. But the driver was friendly and it was nice to know that the bus we took only held about seven people. It was a nice small trip group. We made our way out into the fog and as it got later we were seeing more beautiful countryside in Scotland. We learned about how much of Scotland is covered by lakes. We also learned a lot about the Highlanders but not as much as I wanted. I’m glad we have another trip planned and maybe they’ll be more of a historian driving. We did make our way to Loch Ness which was beautiful but a little bit underwhelming. I would’ve liked to of gone further into the lake but we learned. One of the things that makes a mysterious is that is it so deep. They talked a little bit about the famous monster in the lake. I was surprised about how the crew on the charter had a good balance of lake facts and humor about the loch Ness monster. I definitely fell in love with the scenery. The water was clear with shores that were steep and filled with yellow trees, rocks and greenery that was mirrored perfectly in the water. We made our way home to the hotel, ate at yet another pub and got ready for our next trip. We will leave our beloved hotel to go to Speyside on a 3 day whiskey tour and stay in a small bed and breakfast on the way.

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