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We got up early and had a delicious breakfast of Scottish salmon lox, all kinds if breads and local cheeses. It was about 6am and walked to the bus to take a three day trip to Speyside to do a whiskey tour. This was a smaller bus with about 10 people. Our driver was very gregarious and very much into the Scottish heritage. He wore a kilt and knew about Scottish clans, mythology and history. This trip was actually magnificent. We went to set five different distilleries: Benromach, Glenlivet, Glenfarclas, Royal Lochnagar, and Dalwhinnie. The drive was filled with amazing scenery, small side trips and lots of laughs. We stayed in it bed-and-breakfast where he had the most amazing meals that were homemade and immediately fell in love with the couple who ran it. One of the more memorable side trips was when we stopped at a small pub where there is 500 different kinds of whiskey. The driver brought out his bagpipes and gave us a private concert. It seemed a little touristy but after a while I realized how he really loved to play and loved whiskey and sharing this with whomever wanted to partake. I was sad to leave the country and the smell of the distilleries.

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