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The Irish Sea | October | 2012

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We packed our stuff and headed out at 5 AM to catch a cab to the ferry. The ferry was going to take us across the Irish Sea to Holyhead Wales. The cabdriver was out honest and open about politics in Ireland and also was highly interested in Barack Obama. The driver’s opinion was that in the last three years for Obama had the opportunity to really be more aggressive. In his mind and a lot of people around the world including Ireland are expecting him to stand up for peoples rights. The driver ended up being an avid fisherman who works to afford to go to Africa every year to go on fishing trips. Interesting. We got on the ferry on time. The ride over was very foggy but gorgeous. I didn’t want to be anywhere else. All around us were different accents from different parts of Great Britain. We finally made it to Holyhead and caught the train. The train across the Wales countryside was very beautiful. We were very relaxed as the train rocked back-and-forth with views of the sea and rolling green countryside. It took us a while to get into Edinburgh but taking the train was a good choice. I remember how JB tried to get us to take the plane to from Dublin to Edinburgh and how I absolutely refused. It was dark when I made it into Edinburgh. In Edinburgh we got off the train and immediately were greeted by long cobblestone streets and buildings that looked like castles with spires coming out of the dark fog. It was like being in a movie and we could believe how old the city looked as we got lost in the back alleys trying to find our hotel. We adored our hotel. It was called the Flying Scotsman. We have the most amazing room with a huge bed and as much space as our apartment. The bathroom was roomy and warm. In our bed was soft and fluffy. We ate at Deacon Brodies Tavern. This was named after the man who inspired Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I wanted to meat pie but they’re all out which made me throw a fit. I was tired. We ordered some haggis and that was the first time we’ve ever tried it. It was good. We went on to the Royal Oak which we learned about through a few locals. It’s a pub that has traditional Scottish music. There’s not much structure to the whole ordeal and so that’s what makes a little bit more traditional. Musicians will just stop in and out and just singing as they please. So after listening to old Scottish tunes we happily went back to our hotel room went home to bed. The next morning were going to make our way into the Highlands and do the different lakes (lochs) of Scotland.

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